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comme ci comme ça
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i analyze dreams like if i lived in a david lynch script.

he tenido este sueno ya varias veces:

ahi subo esa cuesta, la cuesta en los yoses, al norte como doscientos metros del automercado, cerca del boliche dent. esa cuesta que pasa debajo de los rieles del tren. google maps dice que se llama calle los negritos o calle 37, no se. en el sueno siempre paso debajo y subo la cuesta y por ahi del auto mercado llego a otro lugar. pero ese instante de paso siempre es el mismo.

i had been left there. the desert. the sand was coarse and rocky with a color i would describe as clay. there were birds. thousands and more. they flocked in rhythm but also in shapes. im not even describing what in the real world is known as a starling swarm. this was a swarm that made an eagle. an eagle that hopped on the ground. i was afraid out in the open with these eagles that hopped made out of a swarm of birds. so i took cover. we took cover.

you left then. underneath this metal threaded tree i sat alone looking at the desert. a sting hit on my ankle. i took my velcro shoes off, and then my socks. in there came out a spider, a clay colored hairy spider. and then crawled another one. i saved them from my foot. i could smell their relief.

i looked up and there was no desert but a tall white shaft room with an earth ditch instead of floor. you stood across the canyon.

as true as it gets.

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tamara caldera & I have been doing a joint instagram and soon we will be coming with updates on how we are expanding beyond the interwebz
facade studies in RGB

los nervios de tener otra entrevista con aesop.


i feel like dale cooper with coffee rn

6a architects for K-Swiss

Within a protective cocoon of cloth, the apiarist can coax sweetness from the wildest of swarms. A hooded garment in black waxed cotton or 7oz primed white canvas